2017 Workshop Session Information

Session 1:   10:00 – 10:50

  1. Knitting 101. Bring needles & yarn if available. If not, attend anyway.  Sharon Adinolfi,  Instructor.
  2. Do It! Volunteering Made Easy for Senior Visitor Program. Theresa Bowers, Dir. Senior Visitors.
  3. Therapy Dogs: Bringing Joy and Comfort.  Martha Clark and Jesse, a therapy dog.
  4. Thriving on a Plant-based Diet. Change your life – eat vegetarian. Christine Carlson.
  5. Basic Building Blocks of Genealogy Research. Using genie proof standard.  Shannon Bennett, genealogist.
  6. Masks: How They Impact and Affect Self-Esteem. Remove masks—feel liberated. Rev. Felecia Cook, Shiloh Old Site Baptist Church.
  7. Squeeze Before You Sneeze. Manage incontinence.  Melissa Eagleton, PT, DPT, WCS.
  8. Journey of Adoption. Adoption process from types to finalization. Elizabeth Gabel, LBSW.  Adoption. Supervisor.
  9. Simple Ways to Create Healthy Life Habits. Break free from bad habits. Joan M. Geisler. LifeFit Academy.
  10. When to See a Chiropractor. Have a pain free life-go chiropractor.  Dr. Erica Heppe, Chiropractor.
  11. Secret to Sustainable Weight Loss. Learn the ‘no diet’ secret.  Faye Krause, RDN.
  12. Dressed to Impress.  Janice Lancaster.
  13. How to Be The Best Advocate For Your Child. Opportunities for travel abroad  and leadership. Rhonda C. Lyle.
  14. Is There a Book in You? Published author gets you started!  Sandra  Manigault. Author and Educator.
  15. What If Everything Starts in the Gut? Bacteria, bugs, viruses—get them working for you.  Katie Mahoney, C.H.H.C.
  16. Know the 10 Signs: When Is Forgetfulness a Problem?  Signs, myths, facts. Lori Myers, Dir. Alz. Assoc.
  17. Getting Your House in Order Financially. Budget and manage to avoid debt. Dr. Shelley Viola Murphy.
  18. Enriching Your Life Through Journaling.  Create a writer’s journal, book and more. Joy O’Toole.
  19. Successful Planting of Spring Bulbs. Tips on selecting and planting.  Diana Wallace Perrussel.
  20. Zumba! (gym shoes required).  Pam Reynolds.
  21. Create the Life You Love. Women are key family financial planners. Tina Smith, LCD.
  22. Thyroid, Hormones & Your Brain. Correct problems naturally. Dr. Christine Thompson. DC.
  23. Update Your Workplace Wardrobe Using Thrift Shop Finds.   Evelyn White. Arts & Flowers.

    Session 2: 11:00 -11:50

  24. Quick Home Repairs Women Can Do.  Sundra Adinolfi.
  25. Blue Star Mothers Chapter VA4.  Family member in military? See us. Mary Lou Bowers
  26. Book Groups- Enjoy Reading Groups and Books.  Mary Buck and Christie Hoerneman, CRRL.
  27. Thriving On a Plant-Based Diet. Change your life – eat vegetarian.  Christine Carlson, CRRL.
  28. Container Gardening.  How to use containers in gardening.  Laurie Clarkston,  Master Gardener.
  29. Getting Your Ducks In a Row. Document important information.  Linda Clevenger. Org. Direct.
  30. Beading:  Make Your Own Bracelet.   Angel Coker.
  31. Hands on Physical Therapy.Upper & lower extremities demo. Dr. Kash Eagleton, DPT, SCS.
  32. Journey of Adoption. Adoption process from types to finalization. Elizabeth Gabel. LBSW.
  33. Useful Technology for Seniors: Overview.  Chuck Gray and Beth Solka, Assistive Services, CRRL.
  34. Beautiful You by Mary Kay.   Donna Green.
  35. When Prayer is Not Enough – Challenges of the heroin epidemic.  Dr. Hamilton-Stubbs.
  36. Age Beautifully and Healthfully. Be your best at any age.  Donna P. Hetrick, nutritionist.
  37. Creativity and the Authentic Self. Using art as a means of self-discovery.  E.H.Kindred.
  38. Be The Best Advocate For Your Child.  Opportunities for travel abroad and leadership. Rhonda Lyle.
  39. Forever Thin: Reaching Your Ideal Weight. No drugs, dieting or surgery. Sandra Manigault. Author. Educator.
  40. Genealogy 101: Diggin’For Your Roots.  Dr. Shelley Viola Murphy.
  41. Fermenting Foods.  Health benefits of fermented foods.  April Payne, Ext. Agent, Spotsy. County.
  42. That Would Be Ma’am to You.  Mysteries featuring little ol’ lady sleuths. Meg Raymond. CRRL.
  43. Retirement Tax Planning – Pay Yourself First. Secure your retirement. Karen Redding. EA.
  44. Colonial Dance.  Learn beautiful colonial dance moves.  Elaine Sturgeon, dance mistress.
  45. Want to Write?  Articles, poems, books and more.  Linda White, author.
  46. The ABC’s of Advocacy. Learn skills to obtain best outcomes. Brenda Wright. Family Services Coor.

    Session 3: 1:15 – 2:05

  47. Emotional Eating. What to do about it.  Kimberly Brumbach,  Health Psychology Coach.
  48. Quilting 101 and More.  Pat Burroughs, quilter.
  49. The Art of Down-Sizing. Moving to smaller home? Decisions!  Linda Clevenger, Org. Direct.
  50. How to Get Started Tracing Your Family History. Use GPS for researching. Shannon Bennett, Genealogist.
  51. Masks: How They Impact and Affect Self-Esteem. Remove masks-feel liberated. Rev. Felecia  Cook. Shiloh Old Site Baptist Church.
  52. Simple Ways to Create Healthy Life Habits. Break bad habits. Joan M. Geisler, LifeFit Academy.
  53. Repurposing Clothes: The Art of Refashion. Give thrift shop finds a second chance. Gabby Gilliam.
  54. Avoiding Ransomware. How to keep your computer safe from cybercriminals. Chuck Gray, CRRL.
  55. How to Love Your CPAP Machine. Improve comfort and sleep.  Dr. Hamilton-Stubbs.
  56. Child’s Performance Issues: Identify. How to handle the explosive child. Dr. Judy Jacobs.
  57. Feel the EnergyThrough Meditation: Embrace Mindfulness. Azra Khan. Student Support Mng.
  58. Time For Tea. Tips on preparing impromptu tea for two or ten. Connie Knowles, Amber House Tea.
  59. Five Tips to Spring Clean Your Diet. Improve your diet and health today. Faye Krause, RDN.
  60. Mom’s Treasure, My Headache. The art of letting go.  Kim Moulds, Smooth Transitions.
  61. What’s Your Story and Who is Writing it? It’s About You.  Dr. Shelley Viola Murphy.
  62. What Can You Do to Prevent Pain. Pelvic and urinary pain.  E. Kristen Park, RPT.
  63. Preservation of Food. How to keep your canned foods safe.  April Payne, Ext. Agt. Spotsy. Cty.
  64. Love Those Herbs!  Have herbs year round.  Using and saving herbs. Diana Perrussel, Master Gardener.
  65. Aikido. Non-violent Self Defense For Women.  Donna  Pienkowski.  Aikido instructor.
  66. Successful Small Business Tax Planning. Tools for small business owners. Karen Redding, EA.
  67. Stretch Your Automobile Budget. Make better choices-save money. Dan Ritchie, Express Auto.
  68. Yoga For Everyone: All Sizes Included. Everyone can do yoga! Kara Rockwell,  CRRL.
  69. Line Dancing with the Silver Liners Dance Team.  (gym – soft shoes required).
  70. Branding and Marketing Your Start-up Small Business For Success. Linda Vaughan,  consultant.

    Session 4: 2:15 – 3:05

  71. 10 Tips For Living a Life You Love. Reflect on and share life’s lessons.  Sally Cooney Anderson.
  72. Mah Jongg. Introduction. Tiles and play of the game.  Linda Baer.
  73. Toastmasters International.  Develop your speaking skills. Have fun.  Mary Lou Bowers.
  74. Body Image 101.  How to feel good in your body.  Kimberly Brumbach, Health Psychology Coach.
  75. Butterfly Gardening. Learn to attract butterflies to your garden any time.  Mary Henderson.
  76. Effective Communication and Conflict Resolution. Communicate well!  Dr. Judy Jacobs.
  77. Challenges With African American Genealogy. Getting organized. Dr. Shelley Viola Murphy.
  78. Getting Your Dog Trained! Tips on training and dog behavior.  Julie Paul, trainer.
  79. How to Set Up a Small Business. Guidelines for new  business owners.  Karen Redding, EA.
  80. Stretch Your Automobile Budget. Make better choices-save money. Dan Ritchie, Express Auto.
  81. Consumer Scam Alert! Be aware. Be safe. Keep safe-avoid scams. Kara Rockwell, CRRL.
  82. Maneuvering Murky Waters of Adolescence. Raising positive teenagers. Honore Schrade, MSW.
  83. Line Dancing with the Silver Liners Dance Team. (gym-soft shoes required).
  84. Exploring Glass as an Artform.  Tracing the evolution of an ancient craft into an art form. Jeanne M. Tanks, Glass Aglow Studio.